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Project of Prophetic Hadith Encyclopedia and Its Translations:

An integrated project to choose the Prophetic Hadiths in the Islamic content, explain them in a simplified and adequate way, translate them in a high quality based on accurate procedures into famous languages, then publish them through all available means..


  1. Providing a developed, authentic, free, international reference for the Prophetic hadith translations..
  2. Providing an electronic memory of Hadith translations for translators..
  3. Providing translations in all available means..

Encyclopedia Advantages:

  1. inclusiveness.
  2. Being free.
  3. Variety of Translations.
  4. Continuous development.
  5. Mastery.

Stages of Development:

  1. Writing the encyclopedia in Arabic.
  2. Translating the encyclopedia into languages.
  3. Publishing the encyclopedia online.
  4. Continuous development of the encyclopedia and its translations.
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