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عن أبي خِراش حَدْرَدِ بن أبي حَدْرَدٍ الأسْلَمِي رضي الله عنه مرفوعاً: «من هَجَر أخَاه سَنَة فهو كَسَفْكِ دَمِهِ».
[صحيح] - [رواه أبو داود وأحمد]
المزيــد ...

Abu Khirāsh Hadrad al-Aslami (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) said: "c2">“Whoever forsakes his brother for a year is like shedding his blood.”
Sahih/Authentic. - [Abu Dawood]


The one who abandons his brother for a year for no Shariah-approved excuse deserves punishment, just like shedding his blood . The punishment due here is a discretionary punishment, out of retribution and deterrence. Nevertheless, if there is a Shariah-approved excuse, like practicing religious innovations and immoralities, then forsaking such people must continue as long as they do not repent and return to the truth.

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